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I'm Emily, the owner of The Brindle Dog K9 Training. I have worked in the pet industry for the last 5 years. My favorite quote is “Dogs speak but only to those who listen.” Your dog is always speaking but are you listening? Every interaction you have with your dog is a training session whether you know it or not. Either you are training your dog or your dog is training you. Training is about more than just teaching your dog commands. It is about understanding how your dog perceives and interacts with the environment around them, how they learn. It’s about teaching you how to read and understand your dog’s body language and energy. This knowledge transforms relationships. My focus is on creating better relationships that are based on clear communication between you and your dog using what motivates your dog (food, a toy or a game of tug) as well as setting boundaries though impulse control and structure. This is how dogs learn best and what makes life with your dog fun again.

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Meet the Brindle Dog Pack! 

Rex (right) is a 6 year old Pitbull Boxer mix . I adopted him in 2019 and since then we have over come his reactivity and he is now an accomplished sports dog. He competes in Barn Hunt, Dock Diving, FastCAT and more.

Rocco (middle) is a 2 year old German Shepherd mix. He is a great all around sports dog. He does Dock Diving, Agility, Nose-work and more! Rocco attended NADD's Nationals championship in 2022. 

Venti (left) is a 1 year old Dutch Shepherd. She is the baby of the pack. Her focus in sports is in Bite-work and Dock Diving. 

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